May 6 -Tuesday -First Day of Vacation

The trip down was uneventful. We stopped at the Jourdanton bill miller had our regular then hit the road. We went to HEB in south Corpus picked up groceries and the cake plus sushi for dinner. We made it to La Mirage at 3:30, got everything out of the van and headed to the beach. There was not near as much seaweed this year but jellyfish everywhere. We decided the pool sounded much better. We vegged out by the pool for a few hours then headed back to the room for sushi. After sushi we watched “Knocked Up” and relaxed. Everyone was asleep by 10pm. Angelina slept in our room.


I awoke at 6am. Ken was up at 6:30. Tim was up by 7 because the clock in his room said 9:30. Ken & I enjoyed a cup of coffee and cinnamon pecan roll. Marcela go up around 7:30 and finished the sushi she didn’t have before she went to sleep early. Tim had to wake Angelina up at 8. She drank a little milk while sitting in her new pool car. We relaxed around the pool. Had tacos for lunch and pigged out on 6 pounds of shrimp for dinner.


Today was a great day for crabbing. Angelina was a little scared of the first one Grandpa caught but more interested in the conks-hermit crabs. Tim and Bob caught plenty too so we had crabs for lunch. It got warm fast so after a couple hours of crabbing we went back to the room. I was a little sunburned from yesterday so after we had some lunch everyone but Ken took a nice nap. Ken, Angelina and I went for a short swim while Tim & Marcela fixed pasta for dinner. We watched Princess Bride and ate then went back to the pool for awhile. Ken & I went in the hot tub while Angelina, the bumble bee, Mommy & Daddy went into the pool. Bob & Ernest played some ping pong. We all came back to the room. Angelina went to sleep and we played poker for awhile. I had a little sore throat so had a couple tequila shots. I went to sleep after Marcela and the boys stayed up and played poker for awhile.


Angelina wok up at 6 am when ken got up to go to the bathroom. She played on the bed for awhile. I changed her; fixed her some milk then we read “The Foot Book” on the bed. Around 7am she wanted up & got up running and yelling “Wake Up”. This got Mommy and Daddy up and we sat and watched TV plus wrote blogs while Ken fixed breakfast. Then we all went to the beach for our sand castle contest. Tim & Marcela built a moat. Angelina loved walking on the beach. She was all smiles when Grandpa took her into the deep water and the waves ere splashing on them. Bob & Ernest were busy building & digging. I cleaned up our portion of the beach and had it pretty well seaweed clean. Ken built a sphinx castle and we all enjoyed the water. It was jellyfish free. A little windy so we headed back to the pool. It was nice and quiet so we enjoyed it for awhile. Ken brought down the fixings for hot dogs & shrimp on the grill. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the “love bugs”. They were everywhere and I mean everywhere. We enjoyed our lunch and Angelina got to play on the slide and swings. After lunch, Ken, Ernest and I stayed at the pool and talked with some baseball players from UT Dallas. Bob was busy grilling the fajitas and sausage that he & Ernest were fixing for dinner. Angelina, Marcela & Tim all took a nap. I stayed at the pool and tried to take a little nap and enjoy the warm quiet.

Angelina came back down and swam with me for awhile then we went back up to the room for a great fajita dinner that Bob & Ernest fixed. The guacamole was excellent! Ken fell asleep and Ernest went to bed. The rest of us played “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”. Some of the 1st grade questions were pretty tough! Ken woke up and took a turn. Then we watched the end of the Lakers vs Jazz and went to sleep.


Angelina woke up at 7. We got up and Marcela was already drying laundry. We had some breakfast tacos and Tim and family took off for SA.

Bob, Ernest, Ken & I walked down to check out the beach. There were people and tents or umbrellas everywhere. We just watched for awhile then went and sat by the pool. We went back to the room had & had some ham roll ups. Then bob and Ernest hit the road. Ken & I went down to the pool to relax and wait for the Hiserotes to call.

We ended up back at the room and took a little nap before Linda called. After Kim & Linda arrived we had a couple drinks, took a walk on the beach. We saw a couple jelly fish and a Man of War. That’s the first one of those I had ever seen. Then we went back to the room and played some poker. I kicked everyone’s butt so we headed down to the hot tub to meet up with some people Ken had met last year. They never showed so we just sat in the hot tub and talked for awhile. It was a great night. Hardly anyone else around and lots of stars to see!


We got up and tried to get everything back into the van. We left some of the left over food to the Hiserotes since they were staying for a few more days. We hit the road, stopped to get gas. It was so windy I could hardly open the door to get out of the van. Ken said his stomach was icky so I headed out of Corpus. An hour later I was hungry and the only thing available was McDonalds so we stopped and had a chicken sub. Back on the road and up to SA. We stopped at HEB to replenish the fridge and I picked out some sushi for us for dinner. It was nice to get back home but this vacation seemed way too short. I had a good time and enjoyed being with the family.