I was told to write something


Monday 5-4-09

Still tired from working five 12 hour shifts. Had what i think is a kidney stone, so trying to dring a lot of water. Packed everything. Stopped at same Target in Corpus, but Tim wasn't there this year.

Tuesday 5-5-09

Woke up still very tired. Ernest had to wake me up. Dad had made breakfast tacos so I slowly dragged myself to eat while Ernest took a shower. Went swimming in the morning after walking on the beach with Ernest and finding shells. The beach still smelled of dead fish, and ther were only 10 people there. Went down both slides. The covered tube was much faster than the uncovered one.

For lunch we went to the restaraunt. I had the chicken pasta alfredo, but I though the chicken was kinda dry. Ernest had the oyster po boy which was really good. Apparently, they don't serve calamari for lunch before May 19th. Everything happens on May 19th. Came back to the room and played some Wii, which is fun, but takes a little getting used to. Went back down to the pool and saw a whole bunch of young girls there. They said that they were there on a school trip. I don't know about any school trip near the end of the school year, but OK.

For dinner, Dad made nachos with chicken fajitas. The peppers he brought were hot, hot, HOT!! But all was excellent. Played some more Tennis Wii with Tim, and Ernest. We kicked their butts!! Oh and my feet were super dirty from walking around barefoot in the room. Me and Ernest stayed up playing some more tennis Wii to get some practice in before we get our own...... Sleep.

Wednesday 5-6-09

Woke up around 6 am with pain in my abdomen again. Having more kidney stone problems. Took some more pills and felt better in about 15 minutes. Then watched Tim and Dad punch it out on the Wii. Stayed in the pool all day and Ernest wouldn't let me get out. For lunch, had sandwiches and more water. Played tennis with Ernest which was great, just need more pratice. Before going to eat dinner, found that I was burnt as hell. As I went down to help dad with the grill, we were both leaving to get some more stuff, the seagulls attacked and got away with some of the uncooked burger. Burgers and Sausage were great regardless of the seagulls. Went back to the pool and swam with Angelina for a while. She kept wanting to float. Stayed out till around 9:30 pm and there were quite a few people walking around, but no one else was swimming. Cooled off down there and came back up to see everyone playing some 80's trivia game. Stayed up playing more Wii tennis, getting Ernest's Mii higher skill.

Thursday 5-7-09

Woke up in pain again around 9 am. Took two pills this time. Had some breakfast tacos that dad made and cleaned up the kitchen. Mom looked online and found some remedy for stones that requires 72 oz of soda with phosphoric acid and one pound of asparagus pureed. Went to the store with Ernest and picked up some windshield washer fluid as well since I was out and Corpus Christi likes to much up windows. Came back and downed 2 liters of Coke while everyone ate shrimp and nachos. Dad pureed the cooked asparagus after cooking it and left it in a cup for me.

After about a liter and a half, I had to pee. Couldn't hold it anymore, so I did and finished the Coke. Ater the asparagus which tasted like gord and took a crap. Didn't see the stone come out, and drank a bunch of water to rehydrate. Me and Ernest played some more Wii tennis, but we only seemed to be getting worse. Ernest packed everything and said ifwe weren't going to do anything, we should just go home. Not looking forward to the drive and working tomorrow. I agreed. Heading home trip was great except for the burn and stone, but ah well. Hoping to do it again soon.

-Uncle Bob