May 10, 2009

Many people spend Mother's Day with their own mother. I spent the day with my two favorite people, Tim and Angelina. When I came home I took a nap since I had worked the night before and around 10:30am, Tim and Angelina woke me up with my favorite breakfast: soda and doughnuts. It's not the breakfast of champions but they know how much I love it.

After this lovely meal the three of us spent some time shopping at Walmart. Now for the record, this is not my favorite store, in fact, far from it but Tim needed some things for our home and I love looking at the children's clothes there especially since they are very inexpensive. We made some great purchases and came home.

Tim made me lunch today. He made delicious sandwiches made out of corned beef and fried chicken deli meat. We also had potato salad, chips, and dip. To finish this meal I had a perfectly made sweet tea. Now this may not sound that wonderful especially for Mother's Day but it was a meal I savored and I wouldn't have traded this meal for the world.

It's amazing how these little things make one feel so special All I needed today was to spend the day with my husband and daughter and I feel like I'm on top of the world. Thank you both for making this a fantastic Mother's Day!

Love, Mommy
Sea World Friday July 25, 2008

This morning we took Angelina to Sea World. We arrived around 10AM and when I went to guest services to turn in our free tickets, we found out we have season passes so now we can go whenever we like. As soon as we entered we went and saw the Busche Clydesdale horses. Angelina loves looking at horses. After the that, we made our way to where the dolphins were however there was a 12-foot long Boa Constrictor on the grass. The employees were showing off their snake that they also keep in the same barn as the horses. Angelina looked it for a few minutes and then asked for the dolphins.

At the dolphin cove, Angelina didn't want to lay on her stomache like everyone was supposed to and a Sea World employee told me she had too. It's some kind of safety rule that they really do enforce. Angelina loved the dolphins very much but she was much more interested in seeing the sharks. We went to the shark exhibit and she couldn't get enough of the sharks. Right now 'Finding Nemo' is her favorite movie so she called out Bruce when she saw the sharks. We also saw a clown fish that resembled Marlin, and a blue and yellow fish that looked exactly like Dory.

After the sharks we made our way to the kids play area. Geli and Daddy got on this huge boat then Geli and I got on the kid's ferris wheel. Angelina isn't scared of anything. Heights seem to have no effect on her so of course I was more freaked out than she was. After the ferris wheel we made our way towards Shamu's show but we still had to wait about an hour. We all found a bench in the shade and snacked on grapes and water while we waited. Finally it was time to watch Shamu and half way through the show we got splashed by 3 whales. Geli was very surprised that they did that. She really enjoyed watching Shamu and the other whales.

The last thing we did is we went to the gaming area to see if we could win a stuffed animal or two. I ended up winning a huge purple monkey along wtih 2 smaller pink and purple dogs. Tim won a small Shamu stuffed animal for Geli. By the time we were done, we were all worn out and made our way home.

We stopped by Subway and once we got back home, Geli and I shared a meatball sub on wheat bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, pickle, and ranch dressing. That really hit the spot for both of us!

Love, Mommy
12/18/2007: We are approaching our 2nd Christmas with Angelina and I can tell she's very excited. She loves looking at our Christmas tree and she loves taking off the ornaments even more. I need to move our glass ornaments up more and get more plastic ones especially since our new kitty, Derka, loves to take them down as well. This coming weekend we are planning on taking Geli to look at houses that are all decked out with lights. We didn't put up any lights this year outside our home but we will next year. Our living room is very decorated with our tree, lights, and other Christmas themed decorations. I can't wait until Christmas morning to watch Angelina open up her gifts. Last Christmas when she was only 6 months old she was so happy to be unwrapping gifts and visiting friends and family. I know Santa is bringing her plenty of presents this year!
8/13/2007: I feel terrible that I haven't written anything in a year. A lot has happened since my last blog. Geli is now walking. She took her first steps at 13 months and now she's a walking fool. In a couple of weeks we'll be taking her to get her picture taken at JC Penny. I can't wait to see those. I started working again for the Marriott and I'd like to keep my job here for a couple of years at least. This particular property is really nice. Since I'm making decent money here now I can really put away for Geli's future schooling plus vacations. Our family only went to the coast this year but hopefully next year we'll take another vacation somewhere else.
8/31:This was a difficult week since Geli got her vaccinations on Monday morning. I'm glad we got it over with first thing Monday instead of later in the afternoon. She recieved 6 vaccinations and only one of them was an oral one. Needless to say she cried at the top of her lungs and we have this to look forward to again in October and once more in December. She had a little bit of fever on Monday night and for 2 days she was very fussy but now she's over it and much happier. We have another busy weekend with a party to go to on Saturday and another party on Sunday. I've been to more parties in the 2 months she's been with us than in the 29 years I've been alive. This Saturday she is also going to get her photo taken at a studio. On Wednesday she'll be 3 months old, it's gone by so quickly. She now weighs 10 pounds 14 ounces. Geli may be very slender but she's solid as a rock. She's also 24 inches long now. My Geli is growing like a weed ;)
8/24:Well these past few weeks of working have been pretty difficult to say the least. Now I'm really not getting much sleep and I miss Geli like crazy when I'm gone. I'm seriously thinking about cutting my work hours so I can spend some more nights with her and help Tim get better rest. Geli is growing so fast. It's almost time for us to move up another age brackett in clothes. She's pretty much done with her 0-3 months stuff and I'm excited to see her in all the new outfits I've been getting her. This coming Monday she'll be going to see her doctor to get her vaccinations and it's something I'm not looking forward to because I know it's going to hurt her but they are necessary. I'm really excited to get started on her room, I can't wait to pick out a floor and paint. Her crib bedding is green and yellow so I think I'll just stick to that.
8/16: Today I started the painfull process of putting away clothes that no longer fit Angelina. It's painful because I will no longer see her in those beautiful outfits but there's always the chance that we may have another daughter one day and I can see her wear them. Of course what consoles me is that Geli has many more beautiful outfits waiting in the closet. We've purchased and received many clothes that are 3-6 months and some that are 6-12 months. She has a Dallas Cowboys outfit that's just waiting for her to grow into. Uncle Bob picked us up today and we did some shopping at Gymboree where we got her another outfit that she will look stunning in. Next I really need to look into buying her some shoes ;)
8/2: Last night Grandma Kisses and Aunt Andy came over and Andy brought her new best friend, Dean with her as well. Dean is an agressive 8 week old chihuahua who thought he could just take over the entire household and run all over Peanut and Patch. Well he was sort of successful...Anyway they took care of Geli while Tim and I ran out and did errands. It's time for me to return to work and that will be difficult to say the least. Tim will be in charge of Geli for 8 hours a day and I'm sure he'll do fine. She isn't sleeping all the way through the night but I don't think that will be a problem for Tim. Geli has another busy weekend coming. She has a lunch to go to on Saturday and a barbeque on Sunday. Ever since Geli arrived everyone of her weekends has been busy. She is a very popular girl.
7/31:It's amazing how much quicker time has gone by since Geli arrived. This coming Sunday she turns 2 months old. I spend this morning looking at all her photos from the day she was born until this weekend and she's changed so much. She is getting very long and the hair she was born with is falling off and a much lighter shade of brown, almost a dark blonde color is coming in. Even her eyebrows are becoming a very light brown. Her eyes are a much brighter shade of blue and her hands and feet are developing rapidly. I'm going to miss her being this size so much but I know that as she gets older she'll be even more fun to be with. I can't wait until she starts talking and walking but I think that's the period that Peanut and Patch are probably going to hate the most since she'll probably be tempted to chase them around the house and play with their tails ;)
7/25:Someone forgot to tell me that when you have a daughter buying her clothes quickly becomes an obsession. My favorite hobby used to be collecting differant types of candles but now it's buying Geli all the clothes I can get my hands on. I spend hours on Ebay bidding on outfits for her and at least once a week we go to Kid's Junction and come out with sick amounts of clothes for her. I try and get her to wear everything at least twice but I haven't been very successful. I'm going to be taking her to get photographed but deciding which outfit to put her in has been difficult. She has so many beautiful dresses that I may have to take several for the differant poses, and that will only lead up to me buying a package in every outfit.
7/17: We said our goodbyes early this morning and drove back to Chicago to catch our flight back home. Geli was awake for most of the flight but she never had a clue as to where she was. When we got back home we had dinner with our family and discussed our plans for next year. Once we got back home, all of us took a shower and went to sleep early. We were all so tired from our trip. Geli had a great first vacation and she can't wait to do it again.
7/16: Our vacation just flew by. Tomorrow we need to head back home. We don't know when we'll be able to visit everyone in Indiana again but hopefully everyone will come down in June to celebrate Geli and Grandma Pat's birthdays. We plan on having a huge party for both of them. Also Geli's uncle Bob will be graduating from college and she's very proud of him. We spent the late part of the day taking lots of pictures of our family. We need to go to bed early because we are leaving first thing in the morning.
7/15: Today was the big party for Geli's Great Grandparents. Geli wore a brand new yellow and white dress with little ducks on it and she looked like a million bucks. Geli also met many more of Grandma Pat's family and friends. Many people told me that they looked at Geli's website a lot. Geli slept through the first half of the party but when she woke up she made of the most of it by getting around and saying hello to everyone in her path. Geli really enjoyed the party and had a great time with everyone.
7/14: Today is Daddy Tim's 34th birthday. As soon as he woke up, Geli had a couple of presents ready to give to him. While Tim and I spend the early afternoon at Indiana Beach, Geli spent the day getting to know her Great Aunt Linda and her Great Uncle Bill. When we got back to the house we had some lunch and then we spent quality time with the family. Later that evening Geli feasted on some excellent lasagne and birthday cake.
7/13: Geli took her first airplane ride and she never even knew she was 35,000 feet in the air. She slept the whole way to Chicago. We then went on a 3 hour car ride to Indiana. Geli and I never knew that Indiana was mainly corn and soybean fields. Finally we arrived in Monticello and Geli finally got to meet her Great Grandparents Mary Lou and Tom and her Great Uncle Tommy. For the remainder of the evening Geli enjoyed chatting with everyone outside in the world famous gazebo. Tomorrow she'll be meeting more relatives and she can't wait ;)
7/10: We had a busy weekend seeing family and friends. On Saturday morning Geli spent some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Vanecek. She also saw Uncle Bob but only for a little while. Then in the evening Geli finally got to say hello to her Uncle Albert and her Aunt Lexie. She also got to go to Gruene, TX for the first time. Tomorrow we'll spend a good portion of the day finalizing what outfits we are taking on our vacation. So far I have about 40 outfits I want to take with us but I know she won't need that many so I need to decide which ones she'll need for sure.
7/7: This past week Geli has gotton so many new outfits it's pretty sick. On Sunday we are going to spend part of our day packing for our trip. Geli has way too many outfits to choose from. She's been doing really well this past week and hopefully she'll be doing really well while we are out of town. She'll be meeting many relatives and I'm very excited for her.
7/3: Monday through Friday Geli and I have a 10AM appointment with Bob Barker. Everytime she hears the theme song to the "Price is Right" her ears perk up. We sit down together on the couch and watch our favorite TV show. Even though she's eating through most of the show, her eyes are fixed on the TV. After our show, if there aren't any good movies on the cable channels we usually are watching the Travel Channel. I like to believe that she's at least learning about other countries. I hope that she loves to travel as much as I do and when she's older she'll accompany me to all the places that Tim has no interest in seeing. Later on during the day we change the channel to the Food Network. Hopefully she'll turn out to be a way better cook than Tim and I ;)
6/29: Geli is starting to stay awake most of the day now. She naps for a bit here and there but she's up for the most part. Her hair is starting to fall off a little and some of it looks to me like it has blonde highlights but my mother says they look like red highlights. I've bought her several outfits for our trip up north and I'm really looking forward to this little vacation we are taking. All of us need to get away for a few days and have some fun. We should have a pretty busy Saturday since Geli's grandparents will be stopping by early in the morning and then she'll probably see Grandma Kisses for lunch.
6/26: This past weekend Geli and I went shopping at Baby Gap and loaded up on plenty of winter outfits. We also bought some outfits for our trip to Indiana next month. I was tempted to buy her a bathing suit but I really don't know where I'd take her for a swim. Geli's eyes are becoming a much brighter shade of blue. People keep saying that her eyes will change in about 6 months but I don't know how they would change to another color. She's already over 20 inches long. She's growing so fast and her hair is getting much longer as well. My mother hadn't seen her in almost a week and today she came over to take us to the doctor and she couldn't believe how much Geli has grown. She's finally able to wear many of her outfits without them being so huge on her ;)
6/22: Geli and I spent most of our day resting. This evening when Tim got home we made him a nice dinner and we watched a movie. Then Tim and I took some great photos of Geli with Peanut and Patch. Geli is starting to smile a lot more especially when the dogs are around. She's always fascinated with them and they love getting close to her. In fact both of them love to sleep next to her whenever they get a chance. The kitties are curious with Geli but never close. They only watch her from a distance.
6/21: Today Grandma Kisses took us out to dinner then stayed home with Geli while Tim and I went grocery shopping. Even though we were just gone one hour I missed Geli so much. It seems silly since I'm with her all day and all night but when I'm away from her I can't stop thinking about her. Last night she kept us up for a few hours but Tim was able to get her to finally go to sleep. We can't believe how much she's grown already and she's showing much better control with her neck and arms.
6/19: Two nights in a row, Angelina has slept 7 hours straight so we're hoping she sticks to this schedule. She was a little cranky today but hopefully she'll do a little better tomorrow even though she has an appointment with her doctor. We got plenty of things down around the house today including more laundry. Now I understand why people have to do laundry everyday once they have a child. I must admit now that Angelina is here, I feel that I have more energy. Really I haven't felt this good since my army days ;)
6/17: Today we had a very busy day and Geli was up most of the day so hopefully she'll sleep most of the night. She had a great time at Grandma Pat's birthday party and she looked stunning in her baby blue dress with ducks embroidered on it. Right now that she's finally resting. I got a quick chance to do laundry and clean up the kitchen. Tomorrow we're off to another party at my uncle's house. I'm thinking that tomorrow we won't be coming home so late since Tim has to be back at work on Monday morning so he'll need to get to bed nice and early.
6/13: Last night Angelina did a lot better with her sleeping pattern. She only woke up twice and neither time did she cry. We're working on getting her sleeping schedule right since she has day and night confused. We have a pretty busy week ahead of us. Angelina still has to go back to the hospital this week for some screening and on Friday she's having lunch with Grandma Kisses (my mother). On Saturday she has a birthday party to attend and on Sunday we'll probably go to my grandparent's house for Father's Day. The toughest part is picking out what outfit for her to wear. She has so many beautiful clothes and sadly I think she'll only wear everything once since she has so much but at least she'll look like a million bucks each time ;)
6/11: Well I finally have a chance to sit down and type up something. I am so happy to be home at last with Angelina. These past few days have worn us out but we've had so much fun. She's such a great baby. She's always so calm and she smiles a lot especially when the dogs are near her. We have her sleeping in her crib but I can't help but let her sleep on the bed with us after her 6am feeding. I place her between us and it's just so comforting feeling her and smelling her right next to me. Tim has been great about helping us out. He's always happy to change her diapers and help with feeding her. Already we can tell she's is larger. I'm going to miss her being this size. We've got a busy day tomorrow and we'll be out and about doing chores and catching up with relatives. I want to send out a huge Thank You to all of you who have responded on the message board and sent me emails. I'm sorry I'm slow with responding but I hope to catch up with everybody within the next few days.
6/4: Well we are hours away from going to the hospital to have the baby and even though the doctor said they were going to induce me, it may not be necessary since I'm already having contractions. I was originally due on the 8th so this isn't a shocker. The baby will definetly be born tonight if they bring them in by a C-section and possibly in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning if they decide to let me do all natural. My blood pressure reading this morning was extremely high plus they found protein in my urine so C-section sounds like what they will be doing. I don't care at this point, I really just want the baby here already. My mom and my cousin Andy are here with us and they'll accompany us to the hospital. They are both so excited, in fact they seem to be more excited than we are. Tim came home early from work and when he got home we went to lunch, then did some shopping at Sears, then we went to HEB to stock up on dog food. Now I'm just cleaning up the last of our mess at home and then we'll be on our way to the hospital. I'll be doing plenty of house calls in the next few days ;)
6/3: All day long I had a terrible headache. Tim and I went out to lunch and we had to go back home right away because I couldn't stand it anymore. Once we got back I layed down on the couch and a few hours later it had calmed down. I feel myself getting more nervous each day. I am scared that I'm going to mess up. I am greatful that my mom will be here with us for the next week to help out. The biggest fear I have is bathing the baby since I've never bathed a baby in my life but I'm sure once I get it down I'll be just fine. Tomorrow I'm going to take inventory of what exactly we have all together for the baby and whatever I feel we need more of I'll go shopping for on Monday.
6/2: Today we took my mom out to dinner. This weekend we're going to spend some quality time cleaning up and setting up the crib. I am feeling very excited and I can't wait to see our little one. I'm not looking forward to the hospital stay but hopefully it won't be for long.
6/1: Today I went back to the doctor's office and he set me up for a hospital stay starting on Tuesday. I see him one more time on Monday morning but for all we know our little one might show up naturally this weekend. When I got home I fell down in the driveway and now my knees are all scraped up and bruised. My doctor has ordered me to stay in bed all day but it's so hard especially since I know I'm about to pop anyday now all I want to do is go out and shop for some more baby clothes. I can't decide which outfit to take for them for their first picture that the hospital takes of them.
5/30: Today, I went to the doctor and got my cervix examined. It was very uncomfortable. My blood pressure is still high and my feet are very swollen. I can barely walk! I can't wait to have the baby so I can wear something other than slippers everywhere I go. -Marcela