We started our latest adventure in San Antonio. Before leaving the city, we had some Freddy burgers and walked around the mall to work off the food. Mommy was sorry to see us go, but said she would see us real soon.

After dropping mommy off at the house, we were on our way. The sun was beating down, making us feel like summer was already here. The roads were pretty rough on the way down. There was lots of construction all along the I37 corridor.

Angelina Stayed awake for the first hour, playing Shaun the Sheep on daddy's Nintendo DS. But, half-way down, she was ready for a nap. Daddy listened to Stephen Colbert's "I am America, and so can you" to pass the time.

We reached Corpus Christi and were surprised that there was not much smell. Usually, there is a strong salty smell when we reach the city, but not this time. Angelina woke up just as we got to HEB Plus. Much shopping ensued as we picked up some fruit, a diaper bag dispenser, and some other groceries...

We were then off to the condo! It was around 5 o'clock when we finally got to our home for the week. Grandma and Grandpa were waiting for us in the room (5203). We unpacked all of our luggage. The next order of business was to hit the pool.

Angelina was extremely excited to be in a new place, but when we got to the pool, excited was just not a strong enough word. She loved jumping in and playing in the shallow areas. She walked around on her tip-toes and worked on her kicking skills. Daddy was worn out from the trip and all the swimming. He headed back to the room to make sure Mommy was getting up for work. I also put together the Wii system for some fun later in the evening.

Everyone made their way back up to the room and we all enjoyed a sushi dinner that Grandma and Grandpa had picked up. I then showed everyone how the Wii worked. We played some tennis, golf, fishing, bowling and even cow races! Around 10 pm, most of us headed to bed. Angelina was still awake and read some books with daddy before finally passing out.

Daddy woke up around 1 am and put Angelina on a blow up bed that we had found earlier in the day. She went back to sleep with her two friends, Rudy and Marty, plus her new stuffed Chihuahua.


I woke up around 7:30 and smelled breakfast cooking. I was still too worn out to get up, so I laid back down for a 30 minute nap. Angelina was still snoring away. I got back up to find that Grandpa had made some shrimp quesadillas with cheese. Yum!

Angelina woke up a few minutes later. She was a bit lost and started banging on the bathroom door that connected our room with Bob and Ernest's. We found her quickly and took her to the table to have some apple sauce, quesadillas and milk. She didn't want any of the shrimp omelete that grandpa made for her. Poor grandpa.

We then got in our swim suits and headed back to the pool. Daddy washed dishes and took a quick shower before heading down. At the pool, Angelina was already having a good time. We brought some blow up toys and played around in the pool and hot tub. Daddy had to pick up some ear plugs before he could get in the pool. I have issues with water getting into my ears. There was a nice little hotel store in the resort that I was able to find some plugs for only 3 dollars. Uncle Bob and daddy went down the big water slide that was connected to the pool. Sadly, Angelina was not yet 48" tall which was the requirement to go down the slide.

A little after 11 am, we all went back to the room and got ready to have some lunch at the resort's restaurant. We ordered our food: Angelina got chicken fingers and fries - Daddy and Ernest tried the oyster po boys - Grandma and Uncle Bob got chicken alfredo - Grandpa copied Geli and got chicken fingers too.

Angelina was already tired when we got to the restaurant. She kept yawning and looking for her green blanket. Grandma and Angelina headed back for a nap and daddy soon followed. Geli went to her blow up bed and took a 2 hour nap. Daddy only slept for an hour.

When I woke up, I found Uncle Bob, Ernest and Grandpa playing golf on the Wii. Grandpa was worn out from all the fun and went to take a nap while the boys played. Grandma soon joined us for some Wii Super Monkey Ball. Everyone had a game that they were good at. We play a little Mario Kart after Geli woke up to join the fun.

When Grandpa woke back up, we headed back to the pool. Angelina was getting more confident in the water. She loved crawling along the edge of the pool and watching daddy go underwater. She was not interested in going underwater herself though.

Around 6 pm, we went back upstairs to put together nachos and make some chicken fajitas. Bob was the master nacho maker. Angelina watched and learned as she downed some tasty milk. We finished making dinner and all enjoyed the fajita tacos with cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Angelina loved the cheese and chicken, plus she ate a whole tortilla.

After dinner, we all sat down to an evening of playing the Wii. Grandma and Grandpa seemed to really enjoy playing and Angelina had a good time watching everyone make fools out of themselves. We played quite a bit of super Monkey Ball which includes 50 min games to play. Around 9 pm, Geli and I took a a break from the fun and called mommy. She had to get ready for her last day of work before joining us. Angelina could not wait to see her mommy again.

The boys and Grandpa started playing some Wii sports while Grandma and Angelina prepared for bed. Bob and Ernest beat Daddy and Grandpa at Tennis, 3 matches to 2. Everyone was quite worn out from the full day. Sadly, the boys all made too much noise, so Geli would not go to bed. Grandma was not too pleased with us. Daddy went to join her little girl and we watched the beginning of the Tale of Desperaux. After 30 minutes, Angelina looked very relaxed and turned over to get some much needed sleep. Daddy finished reading one of his graphic novels(Sandman) and headed off to bed. Both of us were excited about seeing mommy tomorrow morning in Corpus Christi.


I woke up to the cell phone ringing. Mommy was calling to say she was on her way. The plan was to meet her at 11 am in Corpus. Angelina woke up a bit later and joined us for breakfast. Daddy had some grapefruit and a bowl of pecan cereal. After we ate, we sat around to plan the day.

Bob and Ernest were going to play some Tennis on the resort's courts. Geli and Daddy would be heading to the city to pick up about, leaving around 10:30. Grandma and Grandpa were going to hang by the pool. We all played a few games on the Wii before jumping in the pool for a quick dip. Angelina continued to get more confident in the water.

We headed back to the room to clean up and get ready to pick up mommy. She left daddy a message on his phone to say the bus was ahead of schedule. Geli and I finished getting ready and picked up our grocery list. Of course, Daddy went a little absent minded and lost the $50 that grandpa gave him for food and beer. (Luckily, he found it later)

We jumped into the green truck and were off to get mommy. The 20 minute drive was uneventful. We got to the downtown area of Corpus and found it was pretty empty. Mommy called Daddy's cell to let him know that he just passed her up. We swung around the block, picked up mommy and were on our way back to the South Corpus area.

We decided to stop in at a chinese restaurant where daddy had Moo Goo Gai Pan, Mommy had beef mushroom, and Geli had sweet & sour chicken. Angelina chowed down on soup crackers, rice, chicken and lemonade. She didn't care for the sweet & sour sauce.

We were then off to HEB Plus to pick up the groceries. Fosters beer, bottled water, tortillas, water goggles and a Heineken beer for mommy filled up our basket before checkout. After paying, we went back to the resort and found Grandma and Grandpa waiting for us.

We wanted to head to the beach, but it looked very hot and messy. The decision was to stay in the regular pools and check out the beach after dinner. Mommy was happy to be in the water with her little girl. She had a blast jumping off the waterfalls! Well, not really, but Daddy and Angelina enjoyed watching her. Angelina continued to practice her swimming. She is getting to be a pro.

Most of us headed back to the room for a much needed nap. Mommy and Daddy snored too loud for Geli, so she went to nap with Grandma. Daddy woke up and played some Wii with Uncle Bob before heading down to the smoke pit to help Grandpa with dinner. Sausage with tortillas, hamburgers and chips were on the agenda. Angelina and Grandma joined soon after where Geli had a great time chasing away all of the seagulls. The Seagulls were extra vicious this evening. There were even going after the hamburger meat! Crazy.

Before we ate, everyone got some exercise by spinning Angelina around by her arms. It made her super dizzy. Soon after, Ernest and Mommy showed up and we all ate heartily. Mommy headed back to the room to finish her nap while the rest of us hit the beach.

Geli and Grandpa went into the surf. Angelina has no fear of the waves or the water. Whenever a big wave would hit her, she would pick herself up and continue pushing further in. Daddy, Uncle Bob and Ernest stayed near the shore where we took pictures of the crazy girl and of the little mussels that were washing up on the shore.

We all headed back to the pool to wash off the sand on our feet. Angelina wanted to wash herself for a long time, so daddy left her and Grandpa in the hot tub and went to spend some time with mommy. I found mommy watching some TV and drinking her Heineken. Daddy read one of his graphic novels(still Sandman) while we waited for Geli to finish her evening swim.

When Angelina showed up, we all sat around and read some 80's trivia questions. Geli didn't know many of the questions that were being asked, so she decided to go and play with some of the barnyard toys that Grandma and Grandpa brought for her.

Mommy, Daddy and Geli were all exhausted from the long day, so we passed out early.


Daddy woke up around 7:30 and found Grandpa and Grandma making breakfast tacos. Geli woke up a few minutes later and sat down to watch some Playhouse Disney. We ate some breakfast. Angelina loved the shredded cheese, and watched some of the camera videos we recorded the day before.

Grandma, Grandpa and Geli prepared to head to the pool while Daddy wrote in his blog. He then told Bob and Ernest about breakfast, told Mommy that he and Geli would be at the pool and headed downstairs to jump in.

The water was a bit chilly, but was comfortable once I jumped in. Angelina was already swimming around the pool with her Grandparents. I did not bring my camera along this morning, so all I did was enjoy time with my little girl and our family.

Mommy came down a little later and we headed straight for the beach. Angelina was ready to hit the surf again. Mommy and Daddy stared playing in the sand and making a castle... sort of. Geli got curious and started helping us put our grand design together. After a while, Geli decided to take pieces from our 'castle' wall and throw them into the ocean. She thought it was too much fun! Because of her... renovations... our castle did not last very long.

We all headed back to the room and Grandpa put together lunch. Shrimp, nachos, chips and queso were on the menu. Everyone got stuffed and were ready for a nap. Daddy woke up after a 45 minute nap and found Geli was still awake. He took her to the living room where they watched Uncle Bob play some Wii. Daddy read a game magazine and Geli played with her farm.

Grandma and Grandpa joined us soon after and they took the little girl back to the pool. Daddy washed some dishes and told Mommy they would be in the pool. Uncle Bob worked on his blog while Ernest packed their stuff. Daddy then went to the pool and waited for Uncle Bob so they could get filmed going down the slide.

But, Bob and Ernest decided it was best to just head straight home. Everyone said their goodbyes. Angelina was sorry to see her uncles go, but was ready to watch Grandpa join Daddy on the slides. Grandma got some good video as both boys splashed into the water. Daddy then decided to get out of the sun. He was already getting a bit pink. Geli though, had other plans.

Grandma and Grandpa took Angelina back to the shallow pool where she swam and swam and swam. Mommy joined us soon after to watch and grabbed everyone some drinks. After another hour in the sun, we all decided to head to the room and get ready for dinner.

Daddy took a few items to the truck to get ready to head out the next day. We then went to the restaurant. Geli got some chicken fingers, mommy and daddy split a fried seafood combo. Grandma and Grandpa got the same combo except they added some scallops on the side.

We went back to the room and put on our bathing suits. We headed to the hot tub, figuring the pool may be too cold. Luckily, we found the pool was still quite warm and Geli was a swimming fool again!

Once it got dark, we jumped back in the hot tub and talk about our enjoyable week. Angelina seemed to appreciate the hot water just as much as the pool water. It was all fun for her.

Everyone made their way back to the room for some fun with the Wii. Angelina looked very tired, so Daddy took her to the bed to watch some of her Desperaux movie. While the adults played some Monkey Bowling, the little girl sat quietly in the bed, enjoying her movie. She called to Daddy after a while to come lay down with her before she fell asleep. Judging by her mood the next morning, I am sure she had sweet dreams.

Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa all played Wii games and laughed about everyone's gutterballs. We played a few other Super Monkeyball games, destroyed some Boom Blox and then headed to bed.


Daddy woke up around 7:30 am to a quiet condo. He laid in bed and read the end of his graphic novel. He started hearing noises around 8, so he went to check them out. Mommy and Angelina were talking on the bed. They seemed to be whispering secrets to each other. I wonder if they were saying anything about Daddy?

We all sat down for some breakfast. Daddy and Geli had some cereal while Mommy had coffee. Grandma and Grandpa joined us as we all started preparing for the journey home. Grandma wrote her review for the condo while Grandpa watched a travel report on the TV for Prague.

Mommy and Daddy packed their stuff as we waited for the pool to warm up a bit. Soon we would be headed to Port Aransas, but not until we had one more swimming lesson for Angelina. When we got to the pool, we found it to still be pretty empty. Not many kids had woken up I guess. We spent time in the shallow end of the pool and in the hot tub. Geli as usual, was getting stronger as a swimmer.

Around 10:30, Daddy and Mommy decided to finish packing, take a shower and get ready for the trip. We checked the room multiple times to make sure we did not forget anything. Of course, we probably did, but I guess not anything super important.

I met Grandma and Grandpa at the pool and they said they would be leaving later. I decided to take Mommy and Geli into Port Aransas to see the sites. Our first stop was at the swim shop with the huge shark out front. We took some pictures, but decided not to go inside. Mommy and Angelina were aching to get some fudge across the street.

We went into the fudge shop and picked out a bunch of candy for Angelina. Well, Mommy and Daddy helped her finish a lot of it(and half of it is still sitting in our cabinet 3 weeks later). We then went off to the souvenir shop to take some pictures in some of the face-hole boards and bought some little trinkets to commemorate our trip.

We got back on the road and stopped once for gas and drinks. We were happy to finally be home, but appreciated the family trip we had just enjoyed.