It didn't take Angelina and I long to sit and stand on each and every bar stool at the pool swim-up bar. Seeing the sea gulls bathing in the water falls between the pools was a sign of how close we were to the gulf.

The pool is the largest pool in Texas. It's actually four pools joined by small waterfalls. The people here are friendly and the families are having fun together. We've been here less than 24 hours and Angelina is almost a great swimmer. Unfortunately, kids must be at least 48 inches tall in order to go on the water slides. If not for that requirement, she would have gone on both slides for several rides.

Taking the Wii game to the resort was more fun than any video game I have ever played. I never really cared for the game of golf, but playing it on this Wii game was great fun and to my surprise great exercise. Making our faces and seeing the pictures that we just took at the pool was really amazing.

It's Wednesday morning and I am just starting to really relax. Not worrying about work or any other problems is difficult for me to accomplish. We will all be apart today for awhile but we will have an outdoor cook out tonight.

Setting on our patio and watching the white waves on the marine blue waters crashing against the shore inspires me to believe that the meeting of ocean and land is an attraction for humans. So many people are drawn to these locations to reenergize their lives. The humid salty air, the smell of life and death and the warmth of the sun are inspirational.

As Angelina and I walked into the salty and surprisingly clear ocean surf, the waves knocked us up and back several times. We got a lot of the briny water in our mouths but instantly spit it back into the sea. We showered at the fresh water station and jumped into a wonderfully warm and refreshing hot tub. We then hopped back into the giant pool and swam with uncle Bob and Ernest for awhile. Too much beer and other accrudiments caused a lack of recollection of Wednesday night.

Thursday morning was met by seeing the bright orange sun and Angelina's bright smiling face. We have no major plans for today but I can't wait to see what is going to happen. Most of the kids and their moms had to go back to school earlier than expected. The government decided that the swine flu was not as bad as expected. Poor Kids! I will miss some of the high school cheer leaders and their healthy moms. Most of today was spent in the pool and hot tubs. Angelina cannot get enough of the water. We went to the beach for awhile. We swam, played in the sand and took a few pictures. Bob and Ernest left after lunch. We did learn thru the internet a few remedies for kidney stones. Bob has been harboring one for a few days. The rest of us had a seafood meal at the hotel restaurant that evening and then back in the pools. Angelina was pooped so the rest of us played some monkey Wii.

It's sad to see Friday morning arrive. Packing up and heading home is not what I really want to do. We are planning a few stops in Port Aransas for chocolate and trinkets. I am sure Angelina will enjoy the ferry ride across the channel.

Pat and I decided to stop at Landry's restaurant in Corpus Christi. We had some oysters and calamari while watching the shrimp boats and tourists. The rest of the trip home was sunny and hot but with no real problems. We are already planning next years' trip to the coast. We will probably stay at a different resort for many reasons. It is always nice to get together with the boys and their families. Having the opportunity to enjoy some time with the people you love is what life is all about.

Thank you Tim, Bob, Marcela, Ernest, Angelina and my wonderful wife for another great vacation together.

Love, Grandpa Van

ps: every meal we ate in our room had no salt or pepper added.