Monday-We got to Port Royal around 4pm.  Waited for everyone else to arrive and went down to the pool.  Kind of noisy-music on the speakers and lots of kids.  Angelina and Tim jumped in and had a good time.  Then Grandpa jumped in and took Angelina around the pool.  Came back to the room and had sushi and played Wii.  What fun!

Tuesday-Ken woke me up at 6am.  He fixed the worlds best shrimp quesadillas. Then he went down to the pool.  Everyone else woke up around 8:30, ate some quesadillas and took showers.  Ken & Angelina headed to the pool.  Then Tim, then me.  Bob & Ernest went to the beach.  Lots of people in the pools. Angelina had a lot of fun jumping in and swimming around with her floaties. It was cloudy but warm.  We had an early lunch at the restaurant.  I had pasta fettucini with chicken and it was great.  Angelina enjoyed the chicken strips with French fries.  We headed back to the room and Angelina and I took a 2 hour nap while everyone else played Wii.  We woke up and I played a little Wii while ken took a nap.  Then back down to the pool for more swimming.  Angelina hand walked inside the pool around the edge with Tim and went all the way under several times.  She didn't want to get out!

We had chicken fajitas for dinner then stayed in the room playing Wii. Angelina and I tried to go to bed at 10pm but the boys were too noisy.  They were having too much fun!  Ernest was having a blast being tennis partners with Bob against Tim & Ken.  Finally went to sleep around 11.

Wednesday-Woke up around 6:30 had some coffee, muffin and grapefruit.  Tim & Angelina are going to pick up Mommy around noon in Corpus.

They got back and played in the pool for awhile then came up to the room and Angelina took a nap with me while Daddy and Mommy took a nap.  When Angelina woke up we went down to watch Gramps make hamburgers & sausage.  Angelina had fun getting spun around by Grandma, then Grandpa, Uncle Bob & Ernest. Daddy got great movies.  We ate and Angelina had to scare away the seagulls. They would take the food right out of your hand.  After we ate we went to the beach & Grandpa & Angelina went out into the surf.  Angelina wanted to go deeper and deeper.  Bob, Ernest and Daddy stayed on the beach looking for mussels.

We left the beach, Gramps and Angelina were already soaked so they got into the hot tub.  I brought down Angelina's swimsuit and we all were in the hot tub.  Then Uncle Bob and Ernest came down and got into the pool so Angelina jumped in and Uncle Bob helped her swim all around the pool.  Fn! Fun! We went back to the room and played a little 80's trivia.  I sucked.  I took a few pix of Angelina and Gramps on the patio with the full moon.  Then I went to bed and watched Jon Stewart & Colbert.  Tehe!

Thursday-Woke up at 7:30.  Ken made sausage & egg tacos.  Angelina ate grapefruit, cheese and a piece of chocolate.  Got a great picture with chocolate all over her face!.  I wrote on my blog for a while and decided to head to the pool.  It was great fun watching Angelina in the pool.  She loves the water.  Bob and Ernest left before lunch and we just played around.  We went to dinner at the restaurant.  It was OK.  Took us forever to get our food and no crackers or salad.  Went back and swam for awhile then beddy bye.

Friday-we got up and started packing.  Got everything packed and went down to the pool.  Tim, Marcela and Angelina swam for a little while then headed back to the room and packed.  They left and went to Port A to do a little shopping.  We stayed by the pool for awhile longer than decided to hit the road and goto Landry's in Corpus for lunch.  Got there and they said they didn't have any calamari!!  What?  They ended up having enough for our single order:-)  We had calamari and oysters and it was great.  Then headed down the road for home.  Can't wait for next year when Angelina will be swimming everywhere.  We definitely need to stay longer.  It went by way too fast.

I want to thank all my family for a great vacation.  Grandma